Anmol Dehydration is one of the modern and well equipped manufactures and exporters of dehydrated vegetables and food products in India. It boasts of specialization in the production of all knds of dehydrated vegetables and food products.

Anmol has an alliance with an estemed Agricultural University which helps it by leveraging the latest technological know how. It has institutionalized quality control & hygiene systems and employs cutting edge technology. The company owns specially designed, giant agricultural farmsfor the processing of raw materials which result in flavour locking meant for garden freshness and fine taste.


Anmol Dehydration Pvt. Ltd is committed to providing superior high quality Dehydrated Vegetables and other food products to the food industry. We aim to become premier producers and suppliers of quality products that meet customer expectations at a competitive price. We are dedicated to produce and supply very high quality products, provide professional service and garner 100% customer satisfaction.


  • "With quality product, superior customer service, to establish ourselves as largest manufacturer and processor of dehydrated vegetabls, spices and other food ingredients".
  • "To employ and promote eco friendly methods and processes as part of responsibility towards ensuring pure and safe environment for future generations."
  • To grow into a company which owns the most high-tech and developed plants and also extending its focus on measures like quality checks and microbiological tests.
  • To improve production processes for cost effectivness and to extend the same to the customers.

R & D

The dehydration industry demands new and innovative methods for keeping up with the international standards. So to sustain the company in the global competition, Anmol Dehydration has a team of high profile researchers, who put their best foot forward to give the desired result. This aspiration of sustaining the company globally helps in leading the domestic market as well.


Fresh vegetables contain large amounts of water, usually above 90% and in the free form, thus they are subject to microbial deterioration. At the same time, fresh vegetables occupy large volumes with tender tissues, posing difficulty in storage and transportation.

By reducing their water content and subsequently their water activity, and increasing their soluble solids contents, we can inhibit microbial activities, lower enzymatic activities, and increase the storage stability of vegetables. This process is called Dehydration.